English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Smooth" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2249231	It's really smooth.	CK	1
1025145	Tom is a smooth talker.	CK	1
57400	This cloth feels smooth.	CK	1
309622	Her skin is smooth.	CK
1748473	He's a smooth talker.	Spamster
3022590	I got a smooth shave.	sharptoothed
3022432	Smooth out your dress.	sharptoothed
3022329	This is a smooth wine.	sharptoothed
71996	He has a smooth tongue.	CM
59409	This silk feels smooth.	CK
3022390	The sea was very smooth.	sharptoothed
3022273	Tom is a smooth salesman.	sharptoothed
3022211	We had a very smooth ride.	sharptoothed
239262	Silk feels soft and smooth.	CM
55584	This feels soft and smooth.	CK
1526106	Her skin is perfectly smooth.	Spamster
265558	The car came to a smooth stop.	CM
22227	The sea looks calm and smooth.	CK
1526105	The stone is perfectly smooth.	Spamster
22225	The sea was as smooth as glass.	NekoKanjya
1079144	This table's surface is smooth.	keira_n
326218	The train came to a smooth stop.	CK
60875	This table has a smooth surface.	CK
327779	It's as smooth as a baby's bottom.	CM
2059125	From here on out, it's smooth sailing.	darinmex
491839	This cloth is really smooth and silky.	minshirui
240576	People are likely to be deceived by a smooth talker.	CM
311055	She was taken in by the salesman's smooth manner of talking.	CK
1343799	She had a real talent for smoothing over troubled situations.	Chrikaru
1343803	He successfully smoothed over any problems during the negotiations.	Chrikaru
243908	The last to leave was a tall man, with a pale face and smooth, black hair.	CK
1556819	Many salesmen are smooth talkers, so I think you shouldn't trust them much.	brymck