English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Skirt" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2377470	I like that skirt.	CK	1
315750	She likes short skirts.	CK	1
37590	Which skirt do you like?	CK	1
889780	Isn't that skirt too short?	CK	1
2454219	Mary often wears long skirts.	CK	1
70892	Your skirt is out of fashion.	CK	1
889781	That skirt's too short, isn't it?	papabear	1
1202258	Tom thought Mary's skirt was way too short.	CK	1
1397710	She was wearing a green coat with a matching mini-skirt.	CK	1
2751231	Her skirt is long.	Nero
1331556	The skirt is green.	CK
250338	My skirt is too long.	CK
462894	The red skirt is new.	lukaszpp
60979	Does this skirt suit me?	CK
2744231	Your skirt is too short.	Hybrid
2644159	Your skirt's on backwards.	CK
326931	Karen's skirt is riding up.	CM
29318	Long skirts are in fashion.	CK
266655	My aunt made me a new skirt.	CK
315401	She was wearing a red skirt.	CK
3170701	Mary was wearing a red skirt.	CK
316160	She dyed her white skirt red.	CK
2483322	When did Mary buy this skirt.	Opiejay888
3022186	Where did you buy that skirt?	sharptoothed
1386841	Why do you like short skirts?	Spamster
320738	My mother made me a cute skirt.	Scott
860118	My aunt made a new skirt for me.	piksea
1328849	Do those girls wear white skirts?	Shishir
48614	The shoes match this white skirt.	CM
60978	This skirt is a little too tight.	CK
53069	Janet bought a skirt and a blouse.	CK
57281	I like this skirt. May I try it on?	CK
29317	Long skirts are out of fashion now.	CK
309008	Her skirt is totally out of fashion.	CK
309007	Her skirt is yellow with polka dots.	CM
2712806	Mary is wearing a short skirt today.	CK
52318	Would you please show me that skirt?	CK
261440	I like to wear my skirts knee length.	CK
25479	I'm looking for a warm, woolen skirt.	Dejo
278002	Long skirts are very much in fashion.	CK
313511	She turned her old dress into a skirt.	CK
2286026	Her blue shoes go well with that skirt.	Tximist
2641016	That blouse doesn't go with that skirt.	CK
388668	Short skirts are already out of fashion.	CK
32054	When was it that Mary bought this skirt?	CK
434772	Girls are wearing short skirts these days.	lukaszpp
489697	I really like this skirt. Can I try it on?	swagner
50378	Long skirts were in fashion in those days.	CK
2450041	The skirt didn't fit so I had to alter it.	sharptoothed
388670	Those shoes go well with this white skirt.	CK