English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Skin" in Example Sentences
Page 1

282662	I have dry skin.	CK	1
1177522	Tom has dark skin.	CK	1
1025345	Tom has nice skin.	CK	1
2549004	Tom has oily skin.	CK	1
315089	She is dark-skinned.	U2FS	1
2646861	Tom skinned his knee.	CK	1
254020	I got wet to the skin.	CK	1
2646307	Tom skinned his elbow.	CK	1
318157	Beauty is but skin deep.	CK	1
1507611	Beauty is only skin deep.	CK	1
953420	I don't eat chicken skin.	CK	1
25356	I got soaked to the skin.	CK	1
2360665	I have very sensitive skin.	CK	1
1140936	Tom was soaked to the skin.	CK	1
1025662	Tom got drenched to the skin.	CK	1
282660	I have a serious skin problem.	CK	1
1092415	Tom was getting under Mary's skin.	CK	1
1092378	Tom was nothing but skin and bone.	CK	1
1094175	Tom escaped by the skin of his teeth.	CK	1
35870	I was caught in a shower and was drenched to the skin.	CK	1
54018	The skin of a shark is much rougher than that of a tuna fish.	CK	1
1534063	Her skin was warm.	Spamster
2010118	His skin was warm.	Guybrush88
309622	Her skin is smooth.	CK
282663	I have greasy skin.	CM
754751	You have nice skin.	Nero
2793582	They skinned him alive.	patgfisher
311031	She got wet to the skin.	CK
3074347	She has snow-white skin.	ulymarrero
3022279	Tom has very white skin.	sharptoothed
272394	A baby has delicate skin.	CK
752515	Insects have a hard skin.	vgigregg
310687	She is all skin and bone.	CK
2956865	Tom has a skin condition.	CK
2644809	Tom skinned his knuckles.	CK
315093	She has fair skin and hair.	CM
3030930	Tom was soaked to the skin.	sharptoothed
1536568	This will protect your skin.	Spamster
1343792	He began skinning the animal.	Chrikaru
309623	Her skin is as white as snow.	CK
1526106	Her skin is perfectly smooth.	Spamster
1498527	Her skin is whiter than snow.	weihaiping
1652274	Tanning can cause skin cancer.	Spamster
495641	Wet clothes stick to your skin.	CK
1078160	He almost jumped out of his skin.	keira_n
3022402	The hunter was skinning the deer.	sharptoothed
2268106	The elephant's skin is very tough.	_undertoad
322447	Did you know we lose skin every day?	CM
327027	Savlon is a moisturizing skin cream.	CM
305376	They have brown skin and black hair.	CM