English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Skill" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2255438	You've got skills.	CK	1
2275387	Don't you have any skills?	CK	1
2276411	You have the necessary skills.	CK	1
2955001	You're quite a skilled negotiator.	CK	1
2358850	I have absolutely no artistic skills.	CK	1
2400144	Tom doesn't have great people skills.	CK	1
1093195	Tom needs to improve his people skills.	CK	1
1898394	Everyone knows Tom has poor people skills.	CK	1
1092510	Tom wanted to hone his skills as a photographer.	CK	1
1027535	I never imagined that my skills as a lawyer would be used to defend Tom.	CK	1
1096047	To be a good translator, I think Tom needs to hone his skills a bit more.	CK	1
953632	I think if I talked more often with a native speaker, my English skills would improve quickly.	CK	1
2216463	He's a skilled linguist.	Hybrid
3022584	I have no special skill.	sharptoothed
1251536	He showed a lot of skill.	Scott
59125	This job calls for skill.	CM
1655793	He's skilled at videogames.	Spamster
298882	He boasted about his skills.	CK
2840492	He is skilled in handicraft.	JimBreen
2192529	I'm sure he has other skills.	Hybrid
276558	Everyone recognized his skill.	CK
1126538	He's proud of his math skills.	nadsat
260547	I admire his skill at driving.	CM
1490540	Joseph is a skilled economist.	arnxy20
2192530	I'm sure you have other skills.	Hybrid
270884	Swimming is a very useful skill.	CK
2684387	It requires skill and dedication.	Hybrid
998995	My father is a skilled fisherman.	ellasevia
803126	He had limited skills in politics.	Source_VOA
249624	The girl has to match me in skill.	CM
59119	This work calls for special skill.	autuno
681054	Cricket is a game that takes skill.	Source_VOA
309019	Her skill in dancing is well known.	CK
807241	These new immigrants had no skills.	Source_VOA
286379	His skill qualifies him for the job.	CK
312029	She showed great skill on the piano.	CM
2934143	Tom is very skilled at manual labor.	MystyrNile
285869	His skills qualified him for the job.	CK
266736	A skilled mechanic earns decent wages.	CM
953770	I'd like to improve my English skills.	CK
314634	She prides herself on her driving skill.	CM
300821	He is very proud of his skill as a pilot.	CK
2258429	He presents his arguments with great skill.	_undertoad
1513954	Her communication skills could be improved.	emory989
3114457	My granddaughter is skilled at photography.	Theocracy
317452	She prides herself on her skill in cooking.	CK
59135	This work calls for a high degree of skill.	CM
21357	Students should develop their reading skills.	NekoKanjya
285435	He's well respected for his management skills.	CK
59297	This course teaches basic skills in First Aid.	Nero