English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sketch" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2236854	Tom is sketching.	CK	1
3122130	Tom looked at Mary's sketches.	CK	1
292019	He begins to sketch no matter where he is.	CK	1
1103056	Tom sketched a picture of an elephant for Mary.	CK	1
1715036	He sketched an apple.	xtofu80
1508590	He's sketching an apple.	Scott
17290	Make a sketch of your house.	Swift
285049	Ask him to sketch out his plan.	CM
264374	Jiro made a sketch of Mt. Fuji.	CK
2958423	Tom usually carries a sketch pad.	CK
890360	He's drawing a sketch of an apple.	Scott
3287128	That sketch looks nothing like me.	CK
3022623	Draw me a sketch of the first floor.	sharptoothed
2957962	Tom ripped a page out of his sketch book.	CK
2959047	This sketch is representative of Tom's style.	sharptoothed
2958048	Tom says he knows someone who's a good sketch artist.	CK
2958036	Tom sat under a tree, sketching something in his notebook.	CK
238386	The police asked the girl to make a rough sketch of her lost dog.	CK