English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Size" in Example Sentences
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2234183	What's your size?	CK	1
297318	He is about my size.	CK	1
2646806	Try this on for size.	CK	1
54165	Do you know your size?	Eldad	1
64373	What size do you wear?	CK	1
20131	What's your shoe size?	CK	1
55925	This size doesn't fit me.	CK	1
30401	Do you have a larger size?	CK	1
30436	Do you have a smaller size?	CK	1
56096	Do you have this in my size?	CK	1
18112	What size shoes do you wear?	CK	1
250113	Do you have jeans in my size?	CK	1
1891440	What size helmet do you need?	CK	1
1891441	What size helmet do you wear?	CK	1
30434	Do you have any smaller sizes?	CK	1
42038	It's about the size of an egg.	CK	1
61057	This size is too large for me.	CK	1
2314957	I didn't know what size to get.	CK	1
42040	It is about the size of an egg.	Nero	1
2308219	I couldn't find anything my size.	CK	1
59594	Do you have these shoes in my size?	CK	1
1140811	What do you think Tom's shoe size is?	CK	1
1140810	What do you think Tom's waist size is?	CK	1
1029115	Tom doesn't know what Mary's shoe size is.	CK	1
61019	The size of the carpet is 120 by 160 centimeters.	CK	1
61054	These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?	CK	1
30400	If it's possible, I'd like to exchange this for a larger size.	CK	1
1095637	Tom can still wear the same size jeans he did when he was twenty years old.	CK	1
2401256	We found one large footprint and a couple of different size smaller footprints.	CK	1
1092620	Tom tried to return the swimsuit for a larger size, but the clerk told him that wasn't allowed.	CK	1
1640065	Size does matter.	Spamster
3022219	Try this for size.	sharptoothed
1655710	What is your size?	gleki
1285253	Size doesn't matter.	Eldad
597891	Size does not matter.	qdii
1829613	It's the perfect size.	Spamster
687408	What size do you take?	lukaszpp
252619	I wear size six gloves.	CK
2267150	I'd like a medium size.	_undertoad
1137460	Is there any other size?	Guybrush88
65659	What is your waist size?	CK
1658059	It's just the right size.	Spamster
516681	They're all the same size.	CK
3022200	What size are these shoes?	sharptoothed
2916983	Mary is a plus-sized model.	CK
1081427	This shoe is a size bigger.	keira_n
687406	What size cake do you need?	lukaszpp
537413	This is a life-sized statue.	FeuDRenais
54930	Try this on. It's your size.	CK
1548145	It's the size of a small car.	Spamster