English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Singer" in Example Sentences
Page 1

305348	They are singers.	CK	1
2218226	You're no singer.	CK	1
2548740	I'm a lousy singer.	CK	1
312898	She became a singer.	CK	1
1025175	Tom is a good singer.	CK	1
2646665	You're a good singer.	CK	1
389142	She is a famous singer.	CK	1
395054	I like that singer a lot.	CK	1
953839	I'm not much of a singer.	CK	1
1167532	Tom is a talented singer.	CK	1
2262886	Tom is a terrible singer.	CK	1
256536	I hope to become a singer.	CK	1
2819579	I really like this singer.	Nero	1
2713322	You're a very good singer.	CK	1
389143	She is a well-known singer.	CK	1
1024688	Tom isn't much of a singer.	CK	1
2711778	Who's your favorite singer?	CK	1
23928	I wish I were a good singer.	CK	1
240686	Who is your favorite singer?	CK	1
1286918	She's well known as a singer.	CK	1
1286917	As a singer, she's well known.	CK	1
2712836	Tom isn't really such a bad singer.	CK	1
908693	Who's your favorite country singer?	CK	1
62719	Kate is the best singer in my class.	CK	1
2408298	I think Tom isn't a very good singer.	CK	1
2641294	Tom is one of the singers in my band.	CK	1
1047148	Tom can imitate that singer perfectly.	CK	1
1025156	Tom is a really good singer-songwriter.	CK	1
2291858	I always wanted to be a professional singer.	CK	1
1961529	I thought Tom was the best singer on stage tonight.	CK	1
1025069	Tom is by far the best singer performing at this club.	CK	1
1029781	Tom and Mary were my backup singers back when I used to perform.	CK	1
2044994	Tom gave a famous singer ten thousand dollars to come to the restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday."	CK	1
2429354	She is a singer.	CK
309960	She's no singer.	Nero
1811325	Are you a singer?	Ameer
2889188	I'm a bad singer.	astynk
237923	Keiko is a singer.	CK
2094582	I'm a great singer.	MethodGT
294493	He is a good singer.	CK
317296	She is a noted singer.	CM
294497	He is a budding singer.	Zifre
309839	Her friend is a singer.	CK
1526454	His mother was a singer.	pauldhunt
252131	I really dig that singer.	Nero
304449	He became a famous singer.	CK
301218	He's not much as a singer.	CK
251878	My wish is to be a singer.	CK
312894	She is famous as a singer.	CK
310789	She is no ordinary singer.	CK