English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Silly" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245752	I feel silly.	CK	1
2111402	That's silly.	CK	1
2203349	Tom is silly.	CK	1
2203350	You're silly.	CK	1
2249275	It's so silly.	CK	1
2233733	This is silly.	CK	1
3171120	Tom was silly.	CK	1
282402	Don't be silly.	Zifre	1
2549579	You look silly.	CK	1
2549490	Silly, isn't it?	CK	1
2257406	That's so silly.	CK	1
1527000	Tom is a silly man.	Spamster	1
2273045	Tom is being silly.	CK	1
2545830	This is silly, isn't it?	CK	1
1860511	Don't be silly. I can't do it.	CK	1
2330066	I guess it sounds a bit silly.	CK	1
289070	He's always asking silly questions.	CK	1
68607	It was silly of you to make such a mistake.	CM	1
54719	I'm ashamed to ask you such a silly question.	CM	1
1209940	Don't be so silly.	Scott
1853761	Your hat is silly.	Spamster
1613103	You're being silly.	Spamster
2460892	That would be silly.	Hybrid
1853762	Your hat looks silly.	Spamster
3329421	Now you're being silly.	Hybrid
3346654	Don't do anything silly.	raggione
3142803	It was a silly question.	CK
3023634	Tom is just being silly.	CK
3354132	You're just being silly.	CK
2796880	It's silly to fight over it.	sharptoothed
290090	He often asks silly questions.	CK
67868	I can't stand that silly woman.	CM
1202091	You two are ridiculously silly.	Guybrush88
309290	Her behavior struck me as silly.	CM
286055	It's silly of you to believe him.	CK
269069	Mary was silly to buy a new coat.	CM
2986932	Tom had a silly look on his face.	CK
17950	It was silly of you to trust them.	Zifre
1388133	We always fight over silly things.	CK
295584	He was silly enough to believe her.	CK
1417	I need to ask you a silly question.	CK
2952769	I'm fed up with Tom's silly antics.	CK
1483089	Mary thinks martial arts are silly.	Spamster
3050761	Don't be silly. You know I love you.	Hybrid
41558	Don't worry about such a silly thing.	Swift
309457	It was silly of him to refuse her offer.	CM
38783	What made you do a silly thing like that?	CM
2650244	I know it might sound silly, but it's true.	Hybrid
2300117	There's a difference between silly and stupid.	AlanF_US
306873	They laughed over their silly misunderstanding.	CK