English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Silence" in Example Sentences
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2252618	There is silence.	CK	1
762939	Silence is golden.	U2FS	1
1531048	Tom ate in silence.	Spamster	1
2255346	You'll be silenced.	CK	1
1543968	Tom drank in silence.	Spamster	1
1256697	They broke the silence.	CK	1
273688	We sat in total silence.	CK	1
3222996	Tom sat there in silence.	CK	1
1847686	Tom and Mary ate in silence.	CK	1
3223036	Tom and Mary sat in silence.	CK	1
2335870	Let's have a minute of silence.	CK	1
2335872	Let's have a moment of silence.	CK	1
2335873	Could we have a moment of silence?	CK	1
1048504	Tom sat in silence for 30 minutes.	erik21889	1
1929755	Tom was annoyed by Mary's silence.	CK	1
1360862	You don't need to suffer in silence.	CK	1
1027132	Tom and his uncle walked together in silence.	CK	1
283587	There was an awkward silence when he appeared.	CM	1
953359	Hundreds of soldiers ate in silence around their campfires.	CK	1
53442	There was a silence.	CK
2150439	I don't like silence.	Hybrid
317177	She hung up in silence.	CK
932027	Silence implies consent.	AKINCI81
711766	Her silence surprised me.	Archibald
711767	His silence surprised me.	Archibald
2675077	She sat there in silence.	Joseph
2150440	Are you afraid of silence?	Hybrid
317778	A scream broke the silence.	CM
703305	They watched me in silence.	papabear
3029908	We sat in complete silence.	afternoontea
2819549	There was an uneasy silence.	Hybrid
287168	What does his silence imply?	CM
732425	A prolonged silence followed.	Zifre
2150448	What does silence sound like?	Hybrid
278267	Silence often implies consent.	CM
807076	There was a moment of silence.	Source_VOA
323686	You needn't suffer in silence.	CM
807105	There was silence for a moment.	Source_VOA
1570512	We sat at the table in silence.	fanty
1152409	All I can do is work in silence.	belgavox
2335869	Could we have a minute of silence?	CK
682031	Silence makes some people nervous.	Source_VOA
2959187	Silence reigned during the speech.	sharptoothed
239721	Speech is silver, silence is gold.	jakov
320462	Speech is silver, silence is golden.	Vortarulo
460435	The men looked at Jessie in silence.	CK
297310	He interpreted my silence as consent.	CM
260723	I interpreted his silence as consent.	CM
269478	The silence in the forest is restful.	CK
323998	The silence of the night comforts us.	CM