English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Significant" in Example Sentences
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2111403	That's significant.	CK	1
2645144	Why is that significant?	CK	1
1096503	Do you think that's significant?	CK	1
1028535	Tom is Mary's significant other.	CK	1
2540687	I thought it might be significant.	CK	1
2275415	Don't you think that's significant?	CK	1
909572	Spending time with your significant other should be high on your priority list.	CK	1
3309203	Every word is significant.	CK
3309202	That could be significant.	CK
3309205	These might be significant.	CK
3309204	It was a significant moment.	CK
3309206	This is a significant change.	CK
3309207	Where's you significant other?	CK
3309208	Do you have a significant other?	CK
3309209	That's a significant step forward.	CK
299353	He has made a significant decision.	CK
3309210	There is no significant difference.	CK
2857318	There is one significant difference.	AlanF_US
3309211	Tom has made a significant decision.	CK
3309212	I don't see any significant difference.	CK
3309213	Don't you think that might be significant?	CK
2005050	Karim has a significant role in the movie.	Guybrush88
1517909	This product has significant shortcomings.	Spamster
3309214	I don't think there's any significant damage.	CK
247668	The difference in our ages is not significant.	CM
2009468	Mushrooms contain significant amounts of minerals.	halfb1t
3309215	The invitation said to bring your significant other.	CK
237787	The superpowers made significant progress in disarmament.	CK
397977	As everyone knows, today is a very significant day for us.	aeriph
1657248	There are significant differences between those two countries.	marcelostockle
1336523	My significant other works at a language school and loves it very much.	Scott
287952	He studied the scientists considered to be the most significant of the 19th century.	CM