English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Signal" in Example Sentences
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297210	He signaled them to stop.	CK	1
3312056	We'll wait for the signal.	CK	1
1093180	Tom often forgets to use his turn signal.	CK	1
1040670	Tom dialed Mary's number and got a busy signal.	CK	1
2046935	Tom has been getting a busy signal every time he tries to call Mary.	CK	1
268855	The signal was red.	CK
2840932	Stand by for my signal.	CK
268840	The signal turned green.	CK
3151307	Should I give the signal?	CK
2545140	Tom signaled Tom to stop.	CK
2545139	Tom signaled Tom to wait.	CK
290795	He didn't catch the signal.	CK
887142	She gave him mixed signals.	CK
2542786	Tom signaled Mary with a nod.	CK
265474	I signaled the car to go slow.	CK
297361	He gave us the signal to begin.	CK
241337	I'll raise my hand as a signal.	CK
682029	This signal means "don't walk."	Source_VOA
2503281	The policeman signaled me to stop.	CK
238394	The policeman signaled him to stop.	CK
2549958	The ship flashed a distress signal.	sharptoothed
476468	He signaled that I should follow him.	NekoKanjya
682027	The car's left-turn signal was broken.	Source_VOA
22893	We must pay attention to traffic signals.	CK
1345731	My mother signaled for Alice to follow her.	CK
306851	They were watching for the signal to start.	CM
268848	Don't cross the road while the signal is red.	Nero
680440	The radio station broadcasts a very strong signal.	Source_VOA
238110	The policeman signaled the car to stop with a flashlight.	CM
682028	It's dangerous to ignore the signal at a railroad crossing.	Source_VOA
1247853	Using a flashlight, the policeman signaled the car to stop.	CK
28748	It goes without saying that we must all observe traffic signals.	CM
296233	He didn't notice the small video camera above the traffic signal.	CK
240023	An increase in customer complaints could signal a decline in business.	CM
284331	His standing up was the signal for everybody to start leaving the room.	CM
681202	The city increased the number of traffic signals at major intersections.	Source_VOA
273514	The ship's captain ordered the radio operator to send a distress signal.	CK
62344	This complex situation arose because signals from the environment itself can be inadequate.	Zifre
2949888	Unfortunately, increasing the number of traffic signals at intersections didn't help decrease the number of traffic accidents.	CK