English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Shore" in Example Sentences
Page 1

294686	He walked along the shore.	CK	1
2208618	Tom walked along the shore alone.	CK	1
2006446	Tom usually fishes off the dock, but sometimes he fishes from the shore.	CK	1
851969	There was a seal on the shore.	marloncori
49927	The boat anchored near the shore.	CK
248647	We walked along the shore of the lake.	CK
256744	I found a beautiful shell on the shore.	CK
2640936	We're about three kilometers off shore.	CK
72986	A few minutes' walk brought me to the shore.	CM
66652	The raft has drifted far off from the shore.	CM
20806	I can see some boats far away from the shore.	CK
257316	I had my photo taken on the shore of the lake.	CK
271073	We walked a few minutes and reached the shore.	CK
22181	I saw a fishing boat about a mile off the shore.	CK
250459	My favorite pastime is strolling along the shore.	sacredceltic
804049	The boats had to get close to shore and land at high tide.	Source_VOA
273512	The captain was so angry he refused to give the crew shore leave.	CK
49137	Millions of dollars have been spent trying to shore up the company.	CM