English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Shine" in Example Sentences
Page 1

239444	Rise and shine.	CM	1
372414	The sun is shining.	ilayde	1
289717	He shined his shoes.	CK	1
2548169	Rise and shine, Tom.	CK	1
794824	I had my shoes shined.	hrin	1
2547251	I'll shine your shoes.	CK	1
1292933	The sun shone brightly.	CK	1
2267008	I have to shine my shoes.	_undertoad	1
241199	I will go, rain or shine.	CK	1
275160	The sun was shining brightly.	CK	1
1093517	Tom intends to go, rain or shine.	CK	1
263539	The game will be held rain or shine.	CK	1
1094002	Tom goes jogging every morning, rain or shine.	CK	1
273352	If you wash it, your car will shine in the sun.	Nero	1
462826	The moon is shining.	lukaszpp
462930	The stars are shining.	lukaszpp
605143	Rise and shine, Johnny.	darinmex
1142238	Please shine those shoes.	CK
313351	She had her shoes shined.	CK
18100	Give my shoes a good shine.	CK
41115	The diamond shone brightly.	Swift
268076	The floor had a good shine.	CK
1079126	The stars shone in the sky.	keira_n
26844	I'll be there rain or shine.	CK
64135	The sun is shining brightly.	CK
271520	Stars are shining in the sky.	CM
46838	The car is waxed and shining.	CK
238794	The moon is shining brightly.	CK
275109	The sun doesn't always shine.	CK
288215	He'll be there, rain or shine.	CK
238828	The moon was shining brightly.	CK
275045	The sun is shining in my face.	CK
18313	The sun is shining in the sky.	CK
275154	The sun shines during the day.	CM
1874807	The sun will shine again soon.	dryhay
324012	The sun doesn't shine at night.	CK
52394	Susan shined her father's shoes.	CK
852913	Susan shined your father's shoes.	piksea
271522	The stars are shining in the sky.	CK
21987	Shine your shoes before going out.	CK
243376	The moon is shining brightly tonight.	CK
2163174	The sun was shining, yet it was cold.	Source_VOA
241192	The game will be played rain or shine.	CM
2996582	The stars are shining brightly tonight.	CK
28465	I shone a flashlight into the dark room.	Swift
257426	I take my dog for a walk, rain or shine.	CK
322634	A full moon is shining bright in the sky.	CM
32361	The marathon will be held, rain or shine.	CM
26842	It doesn't matter whether it rains or shines.	NekoKanjya
1585054	People, like metal, only shine on the surface.	Gulliver