English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Shift" in Example Sentences
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1867914	Tom shifted gears.	CK	1
2237743	Tom shifted uneasily.	CK	1
2645653	What time's your shift?	CK	1
3177207	Tom works the late shift.	Hybrid	1
2237742	Tom shifted uncomfortably.	CK	1
1023878	Tom works the evening shift.	CK	1
1024920	Tom is on the day shift this month.	CK	1
1024919	Tom is on the night shift this week.	CK	1
1040654	Tom doesn't like working the graveyard shift.	CK	1
1429277	Starting next week, I'll be on the late shift.	CK	1
1429279	Starting next week, I'll be working the late shift.	CK	1
2057871	You're just trying to shift blame away from yourself.	CK	1
2645368	Tom has the night shift.	CK
1726887	He works the night shift.	belgavox
1023877	Tom works the night shift.	CK
1471414	Can you drive a stick shift?	Nero
2956850	Tom had to do a double shift.	CK
2642594	Tom shifted the car into drive.	CK
2476800	Tom shifted uncomfortably in his seat.	arnxy20
303210	He shifted about uneasily in his chair.	CK
1084039	I haven't had a night shift like that in a while.	Guybrush88
1961856	I thought your shift ended a couple of hours ago.	CK
278256	Naomi shifted her bag from one hand to the other.	CK
1386870	When you get on the highway, shift into fifth gear.	enteka
554906	He kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other.	darinmex
271959	When I speak to a Westerner, I have to shift mental gears, so to speak.	CM
274486	In order to keep our feet warm we had to shift from one foot to another and keep moving.	Zifre
34069	Freddy's been working the graveyard shift the past month, so he hasn't been able to see any of his friends who work normal hours.	CM