English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Shepherd" in Example Sentences
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2239592	I want to speak to your boss.	Shepherd	1
2238029	Tom was quiet, polite and respectful.	Shepherd	1
2237882	He's my husband.	Shepherd
2237863	What makes you cry?	Shepherd
2237843	He nodded encouragingly.	Shepherd
2261788	Time travel is possible.	Shepherd
2237856	What makes you depressed?	Shepherd
2237854	Do you believe in monogamy?	Shepherd
2264857	I've something to tell you.	Shepherd
2239598	He's ambitious and talented.	Shepherd
2239588	What is your favorite colour?	Shepherd
2237898	He rang back three minutes later.	Shepherd
807231	Shepherd tried to run and was shot.	Source_VOA
2238039	I want this handled quickly and quietly.	Shepherd
1524471	German Shepherds are good at sniffing out drugs.	Nero
50344	The German Shepherd was limping down the street.	CM
324874	There were shepherds keeping watch over their flock.	CM
2237853	What's the most important lesson life has taught you?	Shepherd
1438059	It took me a lot less time to housebreak my German shepherd than it took to housebreak my other dog.	CK