English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Shelter" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2241610	We'll need shelter.	CK	1
323637	We took shelter under a tree.	CK	1
903707	There is an urgent need for shelter.	CK	1
1029807	Tom and Mary ran into the air-raid shelter.	CK	1
1095784	Tom began working as a volunteer at the homeless shelter while he was still in high school.	CK	1
2821436	Tom lives a sheltered life.	CK
293874	He sought shelter from the rain.	CK
306178	They sought shelter from the rain.	CK
323586	I had to take shelter under a tree.	CK
326435	The old man gave the child shelter.	CK
323572	Trees shelter my house from the wind.	CK
320119	The soldier took shelter in the foxhole.	bmorsello
26917	I took shelter under my friend's umbrella.	CK
249427	We took shelter from the rain under a tree.	CK
254585	I took shelter from rain under the shop's eaves.	CM
2530612	Tom volunteers at a homeless shelter twice a week.	CK
1901637	He brought food to his guest and provided him shelter.	Spamster
3121993	They looked for a place to take shelter from the rain.	Theocracy
270287	People devised shelters in order to protect themselves.	CM
995449	Food, clothing and shelter are the foundations of survival.	NickC
245939	Children depend on their parents for food, clothing and shelter.	CK
2719921	It started raining, so I took shelter under my friend's umbrella.	WestofEden
278167	Unlike birds, which feed and shelter their young, fish abandon their eggs.	CM
2530648	Would you be willing to volunteer at the animal shelter two or three days a week?	CK