English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sharp" in Example Sentences
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1627331	Stay sharp.	Spamster	1
2203339	Tom is sharp.	CK	1
2203340	You're sharp.	CK	1
3171122	Tom was sharp.	CK	1
2255049	You look sharp.	CK	1
2249229	It's really sharp.	CK	1
2549030	My knife is sharp.	CK	1
2218498	You're very sharp.	CK	1
3168039	You're a sharp one.	CK	1
681309	I have a sharp knife.	Source_VOA	1
3183892	I think Tom is sharp.	CK	1
73434	It's ten o'clock sharp.	CK	1
60758	The knife is not sharp.	CK	1
1024411	Tom needs a sharp knife.	CK	1
61778	I have a sharp pain here.	CK	1
60764	This knife is very sharp.	CK	1
73432	Come at ten o'clock sharp.	CK	1
2739116	This knife isn't very sharp.	CK	1
18953	I have a sharp pain in my chest.	CK	1
564573	He made a sharp turn to the left.	CK	1
293859	He made a sharp turn to the right.	CK	1
1094998	Tom cut himself with a sharp knife.	CK	1
1025800	Tom felt a sharp pain in his stomach.	CK	1
2461641	The kitchen knife wasn't sharp enough to cut the meat, so I used my pocket knife.	CK	1
315991	She is sharp.	CK
69070	You are sharp.	CK
2635173	My knife is sharp.	Joseph
301989	He is sharp-witted.	CM
1981148	Baby teeth are sharp.	FlamingTofu
1009178	He felt a sharp pain.	AOCinJAPAN
298440	He has sharp hearing.	CM
2703365	He took a sharp left.	WestofEden
278191	Birds have sharp eyes.	CK
71995	He has a sharp tongue.	CM
300434	He is a sharp-shooter.	CM
32375	Mayuko has sharp eyes.	CK
3346359	You've got sharp eyes.	CK
316029	She has a sharp tongue.	CK
62727	Kate came at five sharp.	CM
2267967	The blade was very sharp.	_undertoad
288647	He got home at seven sharp.	CK
50026	The scissors are not sharp.	CK
2627956	Be careful. It's very sharp.	Hybrid
1254301	Crocodiles have sharp teeth.	Tlustulimu
3360228	You've got a sharp eye, Tom.	CK
294080	He was aware of a sharp pain.	CM
285628	His pencil has a sharp point.	Bilberry
781594	The tip of the knife is sharp.	Zifre
60899	This cheese has a sharp taste.	CM
57112	This pole is sharp at the end.	CM