English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Shark" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2272871	Tom is a shark.	CK	1
1841587	Sharks eat fish.	CK	1
1493541	Tom was attacked by a shark.	Spamster	1
953080	According to the news, he was eaten by sharks.	CK	1
1094874	Tom devoted his whole life to studying sharks.	CK	1
54018	The skin of a shark is much rougher than that of a tuna fish.	CK	1
2493536	Sharks can sense blood.	Hybrid
896806	Is this cage shark-proof?	Scott
1869547	Sharks are good swimmers.	Spamster
1168378	He was attacked by a shark.	Scott
2491850	Are there lots of sharks around here?	Hybrid
2492028	Shark fin soup is very popular in China.	Hybrid
2640024	Have you ever seen a shark over three meters long?	CK
3054337	My older brother borrowed money from a loan shark.	WestofEden
2556508	The chances of being attacked by a shark are very low.	Hybrid
2492027	The likelihood of being attacked by a shark is very low.	Hybrid
2053296	Fortunately, the shark bite didn't hit any major arteries.	darinmex
2639718	Tom said he saw a shark the other day when he was swimming.	CK
2951831	Even though Tom knew he shouldn't, he borrowed money from a loan shark.	CK
1569364	The chances of dying from falling airplane parts are 30 times greater than the chances of being killed by a shark.	Spamster