English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Shall" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2249863	Shall I begin?	CK	1
3171853	Shall I go on?	CK	1
54181	Shall we begin?	CM	1
542540	Shall we start?	CM	1
2249864	Shall I continue?	CK	1
380740	Shall we go home?	blay_paul	1
38177	Where shall we meet?	CK	1
241078	Shall we go?	Dejo
71965	He shall die.	CM
320508	Shall we walk?	CM
2594131	Shall we dance?	WestofEden
830221	Shall we dance?	Nero
1886853	Shall we order?	CK
881444	Shall we go now?	alexmarcelo
456669	Shall we go out?	lukaszpp
284593	He shall have it.	CM
64391	Shall I help you?	CM
1793768	What shall we do?	Spamster
66022	When shall we go?	CM
3222937	Shall we sit down?	CK
3222936	Shall we sit here?	CK
268727	When shall we eat?	CM
517411	Where shall we go?	NekoKanjya
38307	How shall I put it?	CM
242070	Shall we begin now?	CM
890757	Shall we stop soon?	Scott
276499	Who shall I choose?	CM
456667	Shall we go and eat?	lukaszpp
44579	That day shall come.	CM
881428	He shall be punished.	alexmarcelo
703122	Shall we go together?	papabear
40961	Shall we take a taxi?	Swift
242371	What shall I do next?	CM
324921	Let's dance, shall we?	CM
62524	Shall I call Ken back?	CM
65176	Shall I check the oil?	CM
70769	Shall I carry your bag?	CM
319586	Shall I clean the room?	Nero
38983	Shall I close the door?	CM
2711735	Shall I cut it in half?	sharptoothed
24133	Shall I drive you home?	NekoKanjya
324639	Shall I fix you supper?	Zifre
320501	Shall we walk or drive?	CM
2595713	Well, what shall we do?	WestofEden
242788	What shall we do today?	CK
24594	What time shall I come?	NekoKanjya
66449	Shall I get you a chair?	Zifre
25209	What shall I begin with?	NekoKanjya
41883	What shall I do with it?	shanghainese
35091	Let's go early, shall we?	Eldad