English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sew" in Example Sentences
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313794	She can sew very well.	CK	1
316871	She is sewing a dress.	CK	1
1675683	She asked me if I could sew.	Scott	1
258792	I bought a new sewing machine.	CK	1
1096062	There is a sewing machine and an ironing board in the room where Tom used to sleep.	CK	1
321073	Sewing is manual work.	CM
3022637	Do you know how to sew?	sharptoothed
54949	Did you sew this by hand?	CK
1741561	Tell her that I am sewing.	Amastan
2457342	Mary is sewing baby clothes.	sharptoothed
3022458	Please sew these buttons on.	sharptoothed
354289	You are very good at sewing.	Hautis
789704	Mom was busy with her sewing.	Eldad
315059	She sewed a button on her coat.	CK
1723034	Have you ever sewed on a button?	Amastan
3022482	Mary makes her living by sewing.	sharptoothed
2783679	She asked me if I knew how to sew.	mervert1
314479	She sews with a needle and thread.	CM
1840209	My mother gave me a sewing machine.	Scott
29235	Would you sew a button on my shirt?	CK
434426	Can you sew on these buttons for me?	lukaszpp
2267054	I need thread to sew on this button.	_undertoad
315236	She stopped sewing and had some tea.	CK
1471158	I don't know how to sew or embroider.	Ederra
681407	My mother gave me her sewing machine.	Source_VOA
2172734	She asked me whether I know how to sew.	AlanF_US
1486598	Mary knows nothing of sewing or knitting.	Spamster
2258154	Do you have a needle to sew on these buttons?	_undertoad
1662032	We can't find a good sewing machine anywhere.	fanty
310271	She stayed up late to finish sewing your dress.	CK
64894	Ask her if she'll sew up the hole in your jeans.	CK
71304	While you are reading to me, I can do my sewing.	CM
44198	There's not enough light in this room for sewing.	Cainntear
320853	My mother stopped her sewing and picked up her book.	CK
1662033	I can't remember where I put the good sewing machine.	fanty
269860	I don't like sewing because I can't thread the needle.	CK
258239	I'm learning to sew so that I can make myself a dress.	CK
3071670	If you'll get a needle and thread, I'll sew your button on.	sharptoothed
60461	How long does it take to get the hang of this sewing machine?	CM
847260	Her sewing basket, dresser drawers and pantry shelves are all systematically arranged in apple-pie order.	Source_Benedict_1921