English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Settle" in Example Sentences
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2111557	Settle down!	CK	1
2249715	Now settle down.	CK	1
2250143	That settles it.	CK	1
2249453	Just settle down.	CK	1
2237740	Tom settled back.	CK	1
2237741	Tom settled down.	CK	1
2007805	Let's settle down.	CK	1
2250144	That settles that.	CK	1
2270539	Don't settle for less.	CK	1
2292289	I want to settle down.	Hybrid	1
2007650	Let's settle this now.	CK	1
2546015	I'm glad that's settled.	CK	1
2953631	We have a score to settle.	CK	1
2544244	I'll settle with you later.	CK	1
1024281	Tom refused to settle down.	CK	1
2270538	Don't settle for imitations.	CK	1
2543634	I'll settle things with Tom.	CK	1
43702	The problem is not settled yet.	CK	1
325187	Call me when you get settled in.	CK	1
326493	The dispute was finally settled.	CK	1
1026643	Tom considered the problem settled.	CK	1
68437	The matter has not been settled yet.	CK	1
3168150	There's only one way to settle this.	CK	1
1028823	Tom had a score to settle with Mary.	CK	1
2396163	I wish we could settle this like adults.	CK	1
306439	They got married and settled near Boston.	CK	1
31575	It's about time you settled down for good.	Dejo	1
1024884	Tom is ready to settle down and start a family.	CK	1
1792430	It's settled then.	Spamster
2259046	Let's settle accounts.	_undertoad
3098685	The matter is settled.	Hybrid
307279	They settled in Japan.	CK
31371	The matter was settled.	CK
305582	They settled in Canada.	CK
3356424	You need to settle down.	CK
1635764	The issue is not settled.	Spamster
2375947	I know how to settle this.	CK
43710	The matter is all settled.	CK
2544423	I thought this was settled.	CK
296451	He settled down to his work.	CK
307218	They settled in the country.	CM
3311965	We'll settle it our own way.	CK
3311013	We're still getting settled.	CK
289002	He settled himself in a chair.	CM
1961567	I thought we had settled this.	CK
2643038	I thought we had this settled.	CK
239044	Fighting won't settle anything.	CK
807103	The issue needed to be settled.	Source_VOA
282596	Get it settled once and for all.	CM
1158755	Where is he going to settle down?	belgavox