English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Serve" in Example Sentences
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2237739	Tom served dinner.	CK	1
2245012	Breakfast is served.	CK	1
42209	It serves you right.	CK	1
242375	Now it's your serve.	CK	1
314147	She served me coffee.	CK	1
42544	It serves our purpose.	CK	1
2278285	They don't serve that here.	CK	1
2543903	We're waiting to be served.	CK	1
322246	What are you serving today?	CK	1
39680	What time is dinner served?	CK	1
270116	No man can serve two masters.	CK	1
35711	What was served at the party?	CK	1
434286	At what time is dinner served?	lukaszpp	1
324628	What time will dinner be served?	Nero	1
288367	He served a ten-year prison term.	CK	1
288146	He served as chairman for three years.	CK	1
2359436	I've decided to serve only imported wine.	CK	1
953414	I didn't eat everything that she served me.	CK	1
1024488	Tom made enough soup to serve twenty people.	CK	1
953476	I have no choice but to eat what they serve me.	CK	1
952870	Tom served two months in jail for drunken driving.	CK	1
1096052	They wouldn't serve Tom a drink because he was underage.	CK	1
952869	Tom served five days in jail last year after pleading guilty to drunken driving.	CK	1
1024510	Tom loves coming here since he thinks this place serves the only fast food worth eating.	CK	1
1847738	Tom was sitting alone at a private table eating the most expensive meal that the restaurant served.	CK	1
3022180	Whose serve is it?	sharptoothed
297179	He served as mayor.	CM
1582010	How may I serve you?	Spamster
3022506	It serves you right.	sharptoothed
2270171	When's dinner served?	_undertoad
2140847	That serves him right.	freddy1
54052	That serves you right.	CM
450853	First come, first serve.	FeuDRenais
2268381	The maid served the tea.	_undertoad
1372757	This serves the purpose.	alanood
243993	First come, first served.	CK
2205600	When is breakfast served?	freddy1
314078	She served us a good meal.	CK
58814	This turkey will serve five.	CM
3022446	Serve the coffee now, please.	sharptoothed
2700761	Dinner will be served shortly.	Hybrid
803087	He served as governor of Ohio.	Source_VOA
1582090	He served his king faithfully.	Spamster
44467	The box will serve as a table.	CM
885284	This knife has served me well.	slivercat
2267713	Serve the fish on that platter.	_undertoad
61969	They serve excellent food here.	CK
57502	This box will serve as a chair.	CK
57504	This box will serve as a table.	CK
1545412	This doesn't serve any purpose.	Spamster