English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Season" in Example Sentences
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2549494	It's flu season.	CK	1
2249303	It's tax season.	CK	1
2249072	It's deer season.	CK	1
2243183	Rainy season has begun.	CK	1
906872	What's your favorite season?	CK	1
2243173	The rainy season has started.	CK	1
2079	Winter is my favorite season.	Swift	1
66417	Strawberries are in season now.	CK	1
906873	What's your favorite seasoning?	CK	1
37531	What season do you like the best?	CK	1
1026017	Tom doesn't like the rainy season.	CK	1
69826	Which season do you like the best?	CK	1
266363	Fall is the best season for sports.	CK	1
53903	Hotels are cheaper in the off season.	CK	1
273697	I got a season's pass to all the home games.	CK	1
906974	What's your favorite thing about the Christmas season?	CK	1
2046926	Tax season is a very busy time of year for accountants.	CK	1
1030093	It was during the rainy season three years ago that Tom first met Mary.	CK	1
1075874	Tom's partner thought that they should also sell gourmet popcorn seasonings.	CK	1
25756	We season with salt.	CM
3022188	When is blueberry season?	sharptoothed
241795	Oysters are in season now.	CK
3022621	Fall is my favorite season.	sharptoothed
480312	This is the monsoon season.	minshirui
3022476	Mushrooms are in season now.	sharptoothed
25750	Salt is used to season food.	Eldad
26682	The rainy season has set in.	NekoKanjya
66735	The seasoning is just right.	CK
680303	Autumn is my favorite season.	Source_VOA
681990	Spring is my favorite season.	Source_VOA
2943081	Summer is my favorite season.	CK
681991	Summer is the hottest season.	Source_VOA
736597	The skiing season has passed.	Swift
1079591	Spring is an enjoyable season.	keira_n
48025	The park is busy every season.	CK
52453	Watermelons are in season now.	CK
281286	We have four seasons in Japan.	CK
1447585	It'll soon be the rainy season.	CK
3187246	Strawberries are now in season.	CK
66418	Strawberries are now in season.	CK
324061	The baseball season has opened.	CK
2817929	When does the rainy season end?	etala
21183	The dry season will set in soon.	NekoKanjya
26683	The rainy season begins in June.	CK
3022311	Those men are seasoned soldiers.	sharptoothed
27383	It's the best season of the year.	Dejo
24340	Summer is the season I like best.	CK
27392	There are four seasons in a year.	CM
1010134	There are four seasons in one year.	allmarangie
3022327	This is the best season for hiking.	sharptoothed