English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sea" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2769830	The sea was calm.	CK	1
248497	We swam in the sea.	CK	1
19350	Fish live in the sea.	NekoKanjya	1
294675	He's afraid of the sea.	CK	1
34521	Bill lives near the sea.	CK	1
247892	We always spend our vacation by the sea.	CK	1
1885	I live near the sea so I often get to go to the beach.	Swift	1
2698672	The sea is blue.	WestofEden
1901580	The sea is calm.	Spamster
841233	The sea is rough.	CM
45686	The ship is at sea.	CK
273447	The ship was at sea.	CM
454464	Many men died at sea.	FeuDRenais
273520	Send this by sea mail.	CM
300699	He wanted to go to sea.	CM
250545	My house faces the sea.	CK
294671	He faced toward the sea.	CK
1747279	The goods arrive by sea.	belgavox
2474248	The hotel is by the sea.	sharptoothed
3022390	The sea was very smooth.	sharptoothed
256586	I looked down at the sea.	CK
1867432	He has a house by the sea.	CM
1901574	He lost his father at sea.	Spamster
753155	Her house is near the sea.	meiko452
2958225	Tom stared out at the sea.	CK
262929	We lived close by the sea.	CK
1911959	Atlantis sank into the sea.	Spamster
958792	I like swimming in the sea.	FeuDRenais
256584	I went swimming in the sea.	CK
251569	My uncle went to sea at 18.	Snark
751157	She has a house by the sea.	CK
1126029	We went to swim in the sea.	alexmarcelo
2985689	How far are we from the sea?	sharptoothed
237090	I swim in the sea every day.	FlippyBP
45668	The boat drifted out to sea.	CK
24553	I gazed at the sea for hours.	CK
22257	It is fun to swim in the sea.	NekoKanjya
54935	Please send this by sea mail.	CK
312959	She has a cottage by the sea.	CK
68405	That lake looks like the sea.	Nero
50574	The cliff hangs over the sea.	CK
63543	The sea gulls are flying low.	CK
662776	Winds from the sea are humid.	bluepie88
22267	Winds from the sea are moist.	NekoKanjya
294672	He was walking toward the sea.	CK
321477	My house looks toward the sea.	CK
2985469	The sea is pretty rough today.	sharptoothed
22227	The sea looks calm and smooth.	CK
2769606	How far above sea level are we?	carlosalberto
804104	The Allies were winning at sea.	Source_VOA