English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Screwdriver" in Example Sentences
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2644170	You'll need a screwdriver.	CK	1
3314719	I need a screwdriver.	Guybrush88
3314729	Where is the screwdriver?	Guybrush88
52106	Could I have a screwdriver?	CK
3314630	Hand me that small screwdriver.	CK
2299548	I brought you the wrong screwdriver.	CK
328757	This screwdriver is too small to be any use.	fcbond
3073766	Tom took a screwdriver out of the tool chest.	CK
50060	I borrowed the screwdriver from a friend of mine.	CK
682292	The thief used a screwdriver to break into the car.	Source_VOA