English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Screen" in Example Sentences
Page 1

37187	Tom became popular among teenagers as soon as he made his debut on the screen.	CK	1
2544555	Tom pointed to the screen.	CK
2957624	Tom opened the screen door.	CK
2543361	Tom often screens his calls.	CK
906869	What's your favorite screen saver?	CK
39922	A screen divided the room into two.	Swift
2958211	Tom stared at the blank computer screen.	CK
315600	She tried to screen her son from reality.	CM
619786	Everyone's eyes were fixed on the screens.	ulyssemc1
2956329	Tom continued staring at the blank screen.	CK
2985677	I don't like to sit too close to the screen.	sharptoothed
2640270	Tom looked at what was on the computer screen.	CK
2957646	Tom peeked into the kitchen through the screen door.	CK
299188	He used his hand to screen the sunlight from his eyes.	CM
594630	My phone has a caller ID that lets me screen my calls.	darinmex
314867	She used her hand to screen the sunlight from her eyes.	CM
68254	The young girl wanted to be a star of the silver screen.	CM
457940	The aim of this game is to explode all the bombs on the screen.	blay_paul
3083421	Tom sat in front of his computer just staring at the screen saver.	CK
2745190	A priest skillfully drew a picture of a priest on a folding screen.	CK
2706359	The priest skillfully drew a picture of a priest on a folding screen.	CK
2985327	We'd better get the hole in the screen fixed or the house will be full of flies.	sharptoothed