English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Score" in Example Sentences
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2406221	I scored a goal.	CK	1
2376153	I know the score.	CK	1
1839624	What's the score?	CK	1
70889	What's your score?	CK	1
2647477	Tom knows the score.	CK	1
2647314	What was your score?	CK	1
1093987	Tom got a perfect score.	CK	1
2953631	We have a score to settle.	CK	1
2763479	Who got the highest score?	CK	1
402777	He got a better score than us.	FeuDRenais	1
35602	What was the score at halftime?	CK	1
72653	We lost by a score of three to one.	CK	1
1028823	Tom had a score to settle with Mary.	CK	1
3183647	Tom scored the first goal of the game.	Hybrid	1
284070	The crowd yelled when he scored a goal.	CK	1
1553356	Tom scored three touchdowns in last night's game.	CK	1
2985359	Tom scored five runs.	sharptoothed
3222401	Tom scored four goals.	Hybrid
298234	He scored 85 on the exam.	CK
1522131	Tom scored a hole in one.	Spamster
2763440	Who made the highest score?	sharptoothed
31301	I almost got a perfect score.	CK
2985693	Here's the score of the opera.	sharptoothed
274966	Scores of people visited Japan.	CK
289435	He wrote the score of the opera.	CM
3171462	Tom got a better score than Mary.	CK
741567	I have a score to settle with him.	darinmex
243952	The final score was two to nothing.	CM
39459	I scored only 33 points on the test.	CK
2954697	You scored the highest in the class.	CK
274901	Scores of people came to the concert.	CM
839739	He'll do anything to score some drugs.	darinmex
56436	I've heard this story scores of times.	CM
2985529	Scores of people died in the epidemic.	sharptoothed
47296	The final score of the game was 3 to 1.	CK
56449	I have heard this story scores of times.	Nero
2825488	I still have a score to settle with him.	Nero
2985317	What was the final score in today's game?	sharptoothed
1336547	I got a perfect score on the math section.	Scott
263765	We want a man who knows what the score is.	CM
52028	The score is 9 to 2 in favor of our school.	CM
29213	Our team scored five runs in the last inning.	CK
309053	She receives scores of fan letters every day.	CM
284194	His perfect score brought the class average up.	CM
322027	We watched them score one basket after another.	CK
259279	I invited scores of people to my birthday party.	CM
681707	The student received a perfect score on the exam.	Source_VOA
280065	When she saw her test score, she burst into tears.	CM
285554	His score on the English test is quite satisfactory.	CM
326828	In American football, a touchdown scores six points.	mamat