English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Science" in Example Sentences
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2765308	He likes science fiction.	CK	1
2765310	He loves science fiction.	CK	1
1933291	I got a D on my science test.	CK	1
2765312	He really likes science fiction.	CK	1
2793910	Do you like science fiction movies?	CK	1
2358809	I have a science test in the morning.	CK	1
2358929	I've always been interested in science.	CK	1
52883	Mrs. Jones is teaching computer science.	CK	1
3024182	I'm a eighth-grade science teacher in Boston.	CK	1
3190992	Tom asked Mary to help him with his science project.	Hybrid	1
2247299	Science is fun.	Hybrid
2247298	Science is cool.	Hybrid
1085211	I'm good at science.	Eldad
1284174	Science is too hard.	Scott
24007	I do not like science.	CK
2546177	I was a science teacher.	CK
479759	It's not rocket science.	sacredceltic
1866459	Science is very exciting.	Spamster
317397	She has to study science.	CK
1792428	They're in the science lab.	Spamster
2275634	It's for my science project.	Hybrid
262182	I like both science and math.	CK
72185	I like science fiction better.	CK
1529533	He's a science fiction fanatic.	erikspen
252161	I have been learning a science.	CK
681987	Physics is a branch of science.	Source_VOA
2915279	Tom has no interest in science.	Hybrid
1770	Creationism is a pseudo-science.	Zifre
2720654	It's not exactly rocket science.	Hybrid
3171460	Tom got a good grade in science.	CK
2820933	We're studying physical science.	sharptoothed
1920400	It's as much an art as a science.	Spamster
24027	Science produced the atomic bomb.	NekoKanjya
288674	He's very fond of science fiction.	CK
3151291	The science teacher gave Tom an A.	CK
304618	He has to take two science classes.	CK
2539946	Tom won the science fair last year.	CK
680370	Biology includes many life sciences.	Source_VOA
2266153	He devoted his whole life to science.	_undertoad
271009	Mathematics is basic to all sciences.	CK
1871850	I'm not interested in science fiction.	CK
2711601	Tom is doing graduate work in science.	sharptoothed
3023360	Tom sits behind Mary in science class.	CK
278982	Astronomy is by no means a new science.	Nero
309704	Her father devoted his life to science.	CK
2821143	Tom had a crush on his science teacher.	CK
294467	He doesn't show any interest in science.	CK
36495	Science begins when you ask why and how.	CM
1275373	Her father dedicated his life to science.	jakov
1463394	His father dedicated his life to science.	Eldad