English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Scholarship" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1638257	Tom got the scholarship.	Spamster	1
58506	The scholarship enabled him to study abroad.	CK	1
30832	If I were you, I would apply for the scholarship.	CK	1
2955885	Tom applied for a scholarship.	CK
291013	He applied for the scholarship.	CK
299520	He is likely to win the scholarship.	CK
258085	I am going to apply for a scholarship.	CK
275605	The college granted him a scholarship.	CM
254487	I'm going to apply for the scholarship.	CK
267455	The scholarship enable her to go to college.	CM
267456	The scholarship enabled her to study abroad.	CK
316027	She was studying drama on a special scholarship.	CK
267454	The scholarship enabled her to go to university.	CM
315001	She was able to go to college thanks to the scholarship.	CM
840126	Thousands of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year.	papabear
237888	My brother has his eye on a scholarship so he can go to college.	CM
267452	The scholarship made it possible for him to continue his education.	CK
68231	I'd still be spinning my wheels if I hadn't gotten that scholarship.	CM