English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Scarf" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1887540	I like your scarf.	CK	1
1887552	I love that scarf.	CK	1
1520843	Tom has a silk scarf.	Spamster	1
2642527	Why are you wearing that scarf?	CK	1
2016957	Tom wanted to buy Mary a new scarf.	CK	1
2239912	I bought a scarf for my grandfather for his 88th birthday.	CK	1
3129196	I forgot my scarf.	brad
1908943	She is knitting a scarf.	Spamster
316134	She wore a dark blue scarf.	CK
1742454	This scarf is Jacqueline's.	belgavox
3093403	Don't you like my yellow scarf?	Guybrush88
3155608	Put this scarf around your neck.	CK
314901	She has a scarf around her neck.	CK
2985561	Put your scarf on. It's cold out.	sharptoothed
3170524	Where did you get that orange scarf?	CK
46638	The girl has a scarf around her neck.	adjusting
3170696	Mary wore a red scarf around her neck.	CK
2953199	Mary had a black scarf around her neck.	CK
2955477	Tom adjusted the scarf around his neck.	CK
311123	She chose a scarf to wear with the dress.	CK
46441	The girl had a long scarf around her neck.	CM
2258728	I bought that scarf we looked at yesterday.	_undertoad
3157436	Tom tried to convince Mary to knit him a scarf.	CK
34003	Beth accused her sister, Sally, of tearing her scarf.	CM
434136	40 Euros for a scarf? Don't you have anything cheaper?	lukaszpp
407940	I bought a tie for Dan and I'll buy a scarf for Elena.	Dorenda
322183	I'm really sorry, but I seem to have misplaced your scarf.	CK
37423	When Tom told Chris he didn't like her scarf, she got rid of it.	CK
24822	You can wear my scarf as long as you don't spill anything on it.	CK
2240071	I bought a scarf for my grandfather on my father's side for his 88th birthday.	CK