English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sane" in Example Sentences
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2244636	Is Tom sane?	CK	1
3172330	Are you sane?	CK	1
2107553	Tom's insane.	CK	1
2236741	Tom is insane.	CK	1
1895606	You're insane.	CK	1
859019	Are you insane?	piksea	1
2248151	I'm not insane.	CK	1
2242984	They're insane.	CK	1
1634925	This is insane.	Amastan	1
2237011	Tom isn't sane.	CK	1
2239811	Tom was insane.	CK	1
2240204	Tom went insane.	CK	1
2233698	This is insanity.	CK	1
2240531	We're all insane.	CK	1
2240556	We're both insane.	CK	1
2218059	You're all insane.	CK	1
2218119	You're both insane.	CK	1
3183872	I think Tom is sane.	CK	1
2272726	Tom has gone insane.	CK	1
2891958	That would be insane.	CK	1
1651130	Tom is insanely rich.	Spamster	1
3183905	I think Tom is insane.	CK	1
45275	The man must be insane.	CK	1
2273243	Tom is insanely jealous.	CK	1
1898448	A sane man wouldn't do that.	CK	1
2361576	I feel like I'm going insane.	CK	1
1875810	Tom was sent away to an insane asylum.	Spamster	1
2028444	You don't want Tom to think you're insane.	CK	1
1411225	That is insane.	Spamster
1848899	It's insanely complex.	Spamster
1832139	This is totally insane.	Spamster
806933	Charles Guiteau was insane.	Source_VOA
3094621	Does Tom seem insane to you?	CK
396233	That old man must be insane.	CM
2055332	Do you think that I'm insane?	Nero
888509	People said that he is insane.	mahdiye
1642027	He behaves as if he were insane.	CM
35095	Hamlet acts as if he were insane.	CK
807195	The gunman was found to be insane.	Source_VOA
2264679	As a result of the blow, he became insane.	_undertoad
664062	The insanity of the situation made him laugh.	Zifre
842897	That is insane. Only a fool would believe that.	J_S
1898169	There's a fine line between genius and insanity.	CK
1273194	This is an institution for the criminally insane.	PeterR
2731534	Tom was committed to an institution for the insane.	sharptoothed
315331	She was released on the grounds that she was insane.	CK
1401927	The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity.	Eldad
673251	The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity.	darinmex