English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sample" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2299544	I brought some samples of my work.	CK	1
2662422	This is a free sample.	sharptoothed
2253257	This is a free sample.	_undertoad
70649	Let me sample your cake.	CM
296019	He wrote away for a sample.	CM
322652	Could I have a sample taste?	CM
1112077	The sample is not pure enough.	Scott
1506157	They're analyzing the samples.	marco87
3312829	We need to get a blood sample.	CK
1372631	Can I take some of the samples?	alanood
322840	They're giving away samples free.	CM
2985295	Won't you sample some of my wine?	sharptoothed
2665859	Tom refused to provide a blood sample.	danepo
2985695	Here's a sample of the material I want.	sharptoothed
70648	Would you show us some samples of your work?	CK
306151	They sent me a sample in answer to my request.	CM
318371	They took a sample of my blood at the hospital.	CK
693406	I must ask you a few questions and take a blood sample.	Muelisto
53910	If you would like to have a sample, please let us know.	CK
1140024	Would you be willing to send me a sample free of charge?	CK
950927	Carbon dating was performed on the sample to determine its age.	darinmex
32266	Bees communicate the location of food by carrying odor samples back to the hive.	CM
53909	The samples were collected from two hundred medical institutions all over the world.	CK