English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Salt" in Example Sentences
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2249757	Pass the salt.	CK	1
64750	Pass me the salt.	CK	1
297572	He gave me the salt.	CK	1
467337	There's no more salt.	CK	1
2713633	There's no salt left.	CK	1
25759	There is no salt left.	CK	1
25758	Is there any salt left?	CK	1
25727	Did you put in any salt?	NekoKanjya	1
953245	Don't add too much salt.	CK	1
25741	Please pass me the salt.	CK	1
25729	Pass me the salt, please.	CK	1
50310	The soup needs more salt.	CK	1
1125177	Put more salt in the soup.	Scott	1
60986	This soup needs more salt.	CK	1
25733	Pass me the salt, will you?	CK	1
1164292	Tom put some salt on his eggs.	CK	1
52335	I'll put some salt in the soup.	CK	1
25735	Can you pass me the salt, please?	CK	1
25736	He asked me to pass him the salt.	CK	1
314189	She asked me to pass her the salt.	CK	1
60998	There's too much salt in this soup.	CK	1
60990	This soup needs just a touch of salt.	CM	1
1202256	Tom put way too much salt in the stew.	CK	1
954681	Why is eating too much salt bad for you?	CK	1
886865	She advised him not to use too much salt.	CK	1
2026974	What we want to do next is add some salt.	CK	1
681906	I requested extra salt on my French fries.	Source_VOA	1
1074723	Tom puts salt on just about everything he eats.	CK	1
2212235	Why don't you try putting a little salt on that?	CK	1
25757	I wanted some salt, but there was none in the jar.	NekoKanjya	1
270757	If it were not for water and salt, we could not live.	CK	1
886864	She advised him not to use too much salt, but he wouldn't listen to her.	CK	1
1095269	Tom claims that he can taste the difference between these two brands of salt.	CK	1
1075860	Tom tasted the popcorn and decided it wasn't salty enough, so he sprinkled on some more salt.	CK	1
707453	There's no salt.	papabear
508333	The salt ran out.	FeuDRenais
2940713	This is not salt.	AlanF_US
2985723	Did you salt this?	sharptoothed
2886733	Tom salted his egg.	astynk
277563	Advice is like salt.	CM
25756	We season with salt.	CM
745314	Pass the salt, please.	laszchamachla
25749	Salt is sold by weight.	CK
516617	Could you pass the salt?	kebukebu
473814	Can you pass me the salt?	FeuDRenais
1819127	Give me the salt, please.	pne
2961494	The rice needs more salt.	meerkat
52336	Add more salt to the soup.	CK
25730	Will you pass me the salt?	CK
400978	Could you give me the salt?	catakaoe