English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rust" in Example Sentences
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2248213	I'm pretty rusty.	CK	1
2387084	I may be a little rusty.	CK	1
2451569	My French is getting rusty.	CK	1
1898312	My French is a little rusty.	CK	1
1026535	Tom cut his hand with a rusty knife.	CK	1
50024	The ladder was covered with dust and rust.	CK	1
1028835	Tom hacked Mary's leg off with a rusty machete.	CK	1
1183836	He's a little rusty	Scott
1183835	I'm a little rusty.	Scott
1705709	My Latin is getting rusty.	alexmarcelo
870563	My math is a little rusty.	alexmarcelo
2985487	The knives are covered with rust.	sharptoothed
681235	The old iron pipe was full of rust.	Source_VOA
26727	A bicycle will rust if you leave it in the rain.	CK
30219	You get rusty if you haven't spoken English for a long time.	CK