English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rumour" in Example Sentences
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2249007	It's a rumor.	CK	1
2248399	I've heard rumors.	CK	1
293889	He denied the rumor.	CK	1
2953068	It was just a rumor.	CK	1
2953326	That's just a rumor.	CK	1
49581	The rumor isn't true.	CK	1
1094891	Tom denied the rumor.	CK	1
27528	Can the rumor be true?	CM	1
49585	The rumor may be true.	CK	1
50625	The rumor must be true.	CK	1
269936	You can't trust rumors.	CK	1
50650	The rumor can't be true.	CK	1
3310038	We've all heard the rumors.	CK	1
2033419	I don't want to start rumors.	CK	1
2360731	I heard an interesting rumor.	CK	1
2518560	I know who started the rumor.	Hybrid	1
1174249	I'm afraid the rumor is true.	mookeee	1
2643284	Tom didn't believe the rumor.	CK	1
38224	I wonder who started that rumor.	CK	1
1293047	Strange rumors are going around.	CK	1
405710	The rumor turned out to be true.	CK	1
1300113	I sometimes hear rumors about her.	NekoKanjya	1
1174250	Unfortunately, that rumor is true.	CK	1
2641801	We don't want to start any rumors.	CK	1
2518559	I don't know who started that rumor.	Hybrid	1
2359865	I've heard rumors about Tom and Mary.	CK	1
1029211	Tom doesn't believe the rumors about Mary.	CK	1
1024397	Tom neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.	CK	1
311086	She tried to prevent the rumor from spreading.	CK	1
1093548	Tom heard a rumor that Mary had been arrested.	CK	1
2460945	It's just a rumor.	Hybrid
3045579	Who spread that rumor?	sharptoothed
49593	That rumor soon spread.	CK
1747257	The rumor was baseless.	belgavox
3045577	Who started this rumor?	sharptoothed
2342586	Who started this rumor?	Hybrid
32398	Mayuko denied the rumor.	CK
50629	I think the rumor is true.	CK
2476939	That rumor spread quickly.	Opiejay888
60260	I think that rumor is true.	CK
50640	The rumor may well be true.	CK
2146007	Clearly, the rumor is false.	Maralula
65424	The rumor proved to be true.	CM
2985631	Ignore it. It's only a rumor.	sharptoothed
2210694	There's a rumor going around.	Hybrid
322991	Clearly, the rumor is not true.	CK
60261	I wonder if this rumor is true.	CK
41675	Nobody will believe that rumor.	CK
50626	That rumour is not true, is it?	CK
2268463	The press confirmed the rumors.	_undertoad