English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Round" in Example Sentences
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2549762	It was round.	CK	1
277121	The earth is round.	CK	1
2546094	I'll buy the next round.	CK	1
248550	We bought a round table.	CK	1
3150851	Can I buy you guys a round?	CK	1
288420	He comes round once a week.	CK	1
27384	It was the same all year round.	NekoKanjya	1
25684	Did you buy a round trip ticket?	CK	1
1936513	I'd like to buy everyone a round.	CK	1
43605	The gate is closed all the year round.	CM	1
2956151	Tom bought a round-trip ticket to Boston.	CK	1
1054574	Julian wears round glasses like John Lennon's.	CK	1
273035	The teacher taught them that the earth is round.	CM	1
33654	Balls are round.	CK
2872293	The earth is round.	Reza7
530046	He has a round face.	wma
313077	She has a round face.	CM
31564	How about another round?	CM
2545709	Tom won the first round.	CK
25686	What's the round-trip fare?	CK
297607	He showed me round the park.	CM
25685	I bought a round-trip ticket.	CK
2985545	Round off the edges a little.	sharptoothed
681970	The bowl was perfectly round.	Source_VOA
681969	The earth is round, not flat.	Source_VOA
28718	Love makes the world go round.	CM
2985659	I live here all year round now.	sharptoothed
852894	It is cold all year round here.	piksea
531203	Money makes the world go round.	lilygilder
3084548	The first round is on the house.	niceguydave
45333	The man walked round the corner.	CK
32141	There's enough food to go round.	CM
306166	They had to work all year round.	CK
288455	He works hard all the year round.	CK
3329617	Can we have another round, please?	CK
61678	It's warm here all the year round.	CK
277096	It is true that the earth is round.	Zifre
280134	I have a round bald spot on my head.	CK
1436613	I have a round trip ticket to Tokyo.	MrShoval
259339	I have a round-trip ticket to Osaka.	CK
50907	It is warm there all the year round.	CK
2985383	Tom ordered another round of drinks.	sharptoothed
301465	He believed that the earth was round.	CK
3150643	Someone should buy a round of drinks.	CK
44860	The store is open all the year round.	Nero
53667	I want a round-trip ticket to Chicago.	Zifre
248014	We wandered round the shopping center.	CK
2985657	I need this to round out my collection.	sharptoothed
2985575	Our ship rounded the cape this morning.	sharptoothed
2751013	Tom was knocked out in the tenth round.	sharptoothed