English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rough" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1820304	I had a rough day.	Spamster	1
3313106	We had a rough day.	CK	1
2419495	I had a rough night.	Hybrid	1
2251237	That's really rough.	CK	1
59056	This paper is rough.	CK	1
1520865	Tom had a rough day.	Spamster	1
23145	We had a rough time.	CK	1
286621	His hands feel rough.	CM	1
2547024	Tom had a rough night.	CK	1
2546592	I'm having a rough day.	CK	1
2545989	I'm having a rough week.	CK	1
280410	The road was very rough.	CK	1
2275220	Don't get rough with Tom.	CK	1
1230870	You'll have a rough time.	CK	1
1839571	Tom had a rough day at work.	CK	1
3168121	Today's flight was a rough one.	CK	1
1093868	Tom had a rough time last year.	CK	1
1654377	Tom was roughed up by the police.	Spamster	1
320267	The wall was made of rough stones.	CK	1
1606625	Tom lives in a rough neighborhood.	Spamster	1
2358805	I have a rough idea what needs to be done.	CK	1
325206	We had a rough flight because of turbulence.	CK	1
1542613	Things have been pretty rough lately for Tom.	Spamster	1
1094868	Tom did a good job proofreading Mary's rough draft.	CK	1
1177492	Tom has a rough idea about how to solve the problem.	CK	1
54018	The skin of a shark is much rougher than that of a tuna fish.	CK	1
841233	The sea is rough.	CM
303983	He has rough manners.	CM
1360673	He's in a rough spot.	Spamster
2269080	We had a rough voyage.	_undertoad
1639911	He likes to play rough.	Spamster
806854	Jackson was a rough man.	Source_VOA
3123344	Tom likes to play rough.	CK
1820302	Did you have a rough day?	Spamster
1801708	He had a rough childhood.	Spamster
2259233	That cloth is very rough.	_undertoad
1935344	It's a rough neighborhood.	Spamster
1042338	That gave me a rough idea.	curtisdavid
2821479	Tom had a rough childhood.	CK
304597	He received rough treatment.	CM
1639910	He's rough around the edges.	Spamster
2985449	They had a rough time of it.	sharptoothed
681968	The trail ahead looked rough.	Source_VOA
2985469	The sea is pretty rough today.	sharptoothed
2270047	We went down a very rough road.	_undertoad
43199	I have a rough idea where it is.	CK
282026	The tongue of a cat feels rough.	CK
1453788	Things might get a little rough.	Spamster
2985415	This will give you a rough idea.	sharptoothed
2541075	I was going through a rough time.	CK