English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Roses" in Example Sentences
Page 1

317533	She grew roses.	CK	1
259015	I like red roses.	CK	1
2549026	Roses have thorns.	CK	1
2547329	I would've sent roses.	CK	1
49967	Pink roses are beautiful.	CM	1
2782410	These roses are beautiful.	CK	1
2276871	They didn't have any roses.	CK	1
292424	He painted a picture of roses.	CK	1
259016	I like white roses better than red ones.	CK	1
57782	There are a lot of roses in this garden.	CK	1
1426427	There's nothing I like as much as the smell of roses.	CK	1
2949266	Roses smell good.	AlanF_US
2949268	Roses smell nice.	AlanF_US
35066	Roses smell sweet.	CM
3006504	The roses are red.	davidrpmorris
2949276	The roses smell good.	AlanF_US
2949275	The roses smell nice.	AlanF_US
34291	Brian took some roses.	CK
60646	I'll take these roses.	CM
35089	The roses are in bloom.	CM
1388138	I brought you red roses.	CK
3150602	Tom bought me some roses.	CK
259273	I grow many kinds of roses.	CK
35083	The roses are in full bloom.	CK
70871	Have your roses come out yet?	CK
259568	I planted roses in the garden.	CK
2542289	Roses are my favorite flowers.	CK
2259134	She has beautiful rosy cheeks.	_undertoad
68644	Those roses are very beautiful.	CK
315894	She planted roses in the garden.	CK
35069	The roses are now in full bloom.	CK
813676	These flowers you see are roses.	Zaphod
3031152	Roses have thorns on their stems.	CK
532813	There are no roses in the garden.	FeuDRenais
2220998	Life isn't all roses and sunshine.	Hybrid
314726	She decorated her room with roses.	CK
2641952	Thank you for the beautiful roses.	CK
981045	The blue roses are very beautiful.	Arraroak
23701	The flowers in the vase are roses.	CK
528229	There are no roses without thorns.	fanty
2826370	There were no roses in the garden.	Nero
59325	This park is famous for its roses.	CK
318909	My father's hobby is growing roses.	CK
315892	She's in the garden planting roses.	CK
35085	The smell of roses filled the room.	CK
35081	The smell of roses hung in the air.	CM
65525	The roses are in bloom in our garden.	CK
1817777	The roses in my garden are beautiful.	ragazzobravo
460376	The roses in the garden are blooming.	CK
44966	There weren't any roses in the garden.	CK