English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Revolution" in Example Sentences
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1058976	Revolutions that don't succeed are soon forgotten.	CK	1
31829	A revolution broke out in Mexico.	CK
692501	The revolution ushered in a new era.	Eldad
807306	The revolution divided many families.	Source_VOA
1058906	Defeated revolutions are forgotten quickly.	mookeee
290641	He played an active part in the revolution.	CM
802476	They took no part in the social revolution.	Source_VOA
2258527	He was one of the leaders of the revolution.	_undertoad
21659	The revolution has brought about many changes.	NekoKanjya
21657	After the revolution, France became a republic.	Zifre
262843	We learned why the French Revolution broke out.	CK
23997	A great revolution has taken place in technology.	CM
836935	He was one of the unsung heroes of the revolution.	darinmex
245166	The Industrial Revolution took place first in England.	CM
538905	Many revolutions have aimed to abolish the aristocracy.	darinmex
277145	The earth makes one revolution around the sun in about 365 days.	Zifre
67275	In a sense, such a political movement may be called a revolution.	CM
271139	Since the Industrial Revolution, the world population has more than tripled.	CK
1345252	History is like a waltz, eternally following the three steps of war, peace and revolution.	Chrikaru