English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Reunion" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2548423	How was the reunion?	CK	1
1037206	I went to the reunion.	GPHemsley	1
2646016	See you at the reunion.	CK	1
3148293	Tom went to Boston for a family reunion.	CK	1
2640446	Tom came back to Boston for a class reunion.	CK	1
1092288	Tom went to his high school reunion last week.	CK	1
2852544	Are you going to the class reunion?	CK
280354	We fixed the date for our class reunion.	CK
328411	There was a class reunion after 30 years.	fcbond
3199759	Tom went to a family reunion last weekend.	CK
62896	There were twelve of us in all at our class reunion.	CK
3179808	How many people do you think will come to the class reunion?	WestofEden
1426464	Our class reunion brought back old memories of when we were students.	CK
953701	I was just wondering if any of you are planning to go to our high school reunion this weekend.	CK