English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Responsibility" in Example Sentences
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2245896	I have responsibilities.	CK	1
2247819	I'll take responsibility.	CK	1
2645042	It's your responsibility.	CK	1
2273316	Tom is my responsibility.	CK	1
2248391	I've got responsibilities.	CK	1
453291	The responsibility is mine.	blay_paul	1
2643586	Tom isn't my responsibility.	CK	1
2953535	We all have responsibilities.	CK	1
2014618	Do you want that responsibility?	CK	1
2541465	I'll accept that responsibility.	CK	1
2540974	I'm aware of my responsibilities.	CK	1
3056500	It's clearly Tom's responsibility.	WestofEden	1
2407167	I take full responsibility for this.	CK	1
2795240	It's your responsibility to do that.	CK	1
3067375	Tom isn't my responsibility anymore.	CK	1
300585	He has a strong sense of responsibility.	CK	1
2026634	You said you wanted more responsibility.	CK	1
2026881	I don't want that kind of responsibility.	CK	1
2207213	This isn't my responsibility. It's yours.	CK	1
1025455	Tom has a strong sense of responsibility.	CK	1
56050	I will accept full responsibility for this.	CK	1
1951373	I can't burden Tom with that responsibility.	CK	1
272273	You can't back out of your responsibilities.	CK	1
2293447	I assure you I'll accept full responsibility.	CK	1
1029800	Tom and Mary share the responsibility for it.	CK	1
1892657	I used to think it was my responsibility to help Tom.	CK	1
903803	I think it's time for me to accept responsibility for that problem.	CK	1
903873	I think it's time for me to start taking my responsibilities seriously.	CK	1
2645049	It was my responsibility.	CK
42488	That's your responsibility.	CK
2643957	Tom is your responsibility.	CK
464498	What are my responsibilities?	lukaszpp
2258264	He assumed full responsibility.	_undertoad
803022	He did not like responsibility.	Source_VOA
2642197	It's my responsibility, isn't it?	CK
2795238	Doing that is your responsibility.	CK
2253253	You're free of all responsibility.	_undertoad
239096	Power carries responsibility with it.	CM
2641295	Tom is no longer your responsibility.	CK
1140029	Who's taking responsibility for this?	CK
1180906	You know this is your responsibility.	alexmarcelo
283121	He assumed full responsibility for it.	CK
290343	He was absolved of all responsibility.	CM
259144	I am left with all the responsibility.	CK
2539209	I'm going to take full responsibility.	CK
1545331	We have a moral responsibility to act.	Spamster
1950638	I can't accept responsibility for that.	CK
45877	That responsibility is a burden to him.	CM
1140032	Who's taking responsibility for the loss?	CK
663801	Don't neglect your daily responsibilities.	bluepie88