English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Response" in Example Sentences
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2647833	We need a response.	CK	1
2646729	What's your response?	CK	1
2645651	What was your response?	CK	1
2645188	What was Tom's response?	CK	1
1023833	Tom's response was immediate.	CK	1
3105754	I got no response from anyone.	learnaspossible	1
1025645	Tom got quite a few positive responses.	CK	1
1027863	Tom tried to elicit a response from Mary.	CK	1
269456	I have come in response to your ad in the paper.	CM	1
510864	He made no response.	wma
2929089	There was no response.	shanghainese
290232	He made a quick response.	CM
2054021	I'm waiting for his response.	AlanF_US
1039687	I'm sorry for the late response.	arashi_29
261233	I was amazed by her quick response.	CK
2054024	I'm waiting for a response from her.	AlanF_US
2054023	I'm waiting for a response from him.	AlanF_US
297878	He nodded in response to my question.	CK
251058	There was no response to my question.	jakov
314342	She nodded in response to my question.	CK
2744315	Tom's response wasn't what I expected.	CK
3312072	We'll have to wait for Tom's response.	CK
1509951	I refuse to dignify that with a response.	wrarshad91
2640347	Tom knocked on the door, but got no response.	CK
287486	His response was contrary to our expectations.	Zifre
2264360	She smiled in response to his affectionate glance.	sharptoothed
2958922	Tom's response to the medicine pleased the doctor.	sharptoothed
2959399	I didn't expect such a nasty response to my question.	sharptoothed
277030	The governor was surprised by the commission's response.	CK
481863	When it was put that clearly, I was at a loss for a response.	blay_paul
64006	Your response is greatly appreciated and will enable us to prepare more efficiently.	CK
847238	He does not care for any sport involving team work or quick responses to other players.	Source_Benedict_1921