English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Resort" in Example Sentences
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321217	Don't resort to violence.	CK	1
1024474	Tom makes $900 a week working at a resort hotel.	CK	1
305034	I hope they don't resort to violence to accomplish their goals.	CK	1
1024885	Tom is ready to resort to violence in order to get what he wants.	CK	1
237650	You must never resort to force.	CK
22663	We should not resort to violence.	CK
69472	You must never resort to violence.	CK
34964	Hawaii is a popular tourist resort.	CK
238417	Karuizawa is famous as a summer resort.	CK
2951540	As a last resort, we can get Tom to help us.	CK
313781	She relied on the medicine as a last resort.	CK
2959497	As a last resort, we can stay at my sister's.	sharptoothed
18552	I had to resort to threats to get my money back.	CK
328807	It is sometimes acceptable to resort to violence.	fcbond
306360	They went to a resort in the mountains last summer.	CK
288135	He borrowed some money from his father as a last resort.	CK
249370	We should appeal to reason instead of resorting to violence.	CM
22176	Seaside resorts, such as Newport, are very crowded in summer.	NekoKanjya
2959307	If they won't listen to reason, we'll have to resort to force.	sharptoothed
292224	No matter how angry he was, he would never resort to violence.	CM
241424	We should not resort to arms to settle international disputes.	CK
2716048	Have you seen the website for the ski resort we went to last week?	CK
67537	The USA will only use air strikes in the country as a last resort.	CK
41256	The USSR will only use air strikes in the country as a last resort.	CK
273686	You can teach good manners to children without resorting to punishment.	CK
275286	Some children resort to suicide in order to escape from unbearable pressure.	CM
682302	Squaw Valley, California, is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States.	Source_VOA
271489	Governments usually resort to price control when inflation has reached a certain level.	CM
942833	That knife wasn't sharp and I couldn't cut the meat with it, so I resorted to using my pocket knife.	CK
1103171	Did you know that in Japan, if you have a tattoo, you won't be allowed to bathe in many of the hot spring resorts?	CK