English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Rescue" in Example Sentences
Page 1

3172050	I rescued Tom.	CK	1
2244710	Tom rescued me.	CK	1
2235609	Was Tom rescued?	CK	1
2237623	Tom rescued Mary.	CK	1
2241550	We'll be rescued.	CK	1
1779792	I rescued the cat.	Spamster	1
2252733	They'll rescue us.	CK	1
283751	He came to my rescue.	CK	1
3023934	Tom came to my rescue.	CK	1
2546588	I'm here to rescue Tom.	CK	1
2092519	I didn't rescue anybody.	CK	1
3309972	We've got to rescue Tom.	CK	1
276630	Nobody came to my rescue.	CK	1
1027854	Tom tried to rescue Mary.	CK	1
1841440	Tom vowed to rescue Mary.	CK	1
2300230	I came here to rescue you.	CK	1
3311997	We'll help you rescue Tom.	CK	1
3310795	We're going to be rescued.	CK	1
3310936	We're trying to rescue you.	CK	1
2543458	I'm the one who rescued Tom.	CK	1
887071	She did her best to rescue him.	CK	1
2400140	Tom died trying to rescue Mary.	CK	1
1522438	Tom was rescued by a passer-by.	Spamster	1
2540952	I'm going to help you rescue Tom.	CK	1
2953897	We're attempting a rescue operation.	CK	1
1092527	Tom wanted to become a search-and-rescue specialist.	CK	1
29516	The rescue party searched for the missing passengers.	CK	1
1024271	Tom rescued the dog from being eaten by the hungry soldiers.	CK	1
1779791	I rescued her.	Spamster
1779790	I rescued him.	Spamster
1779788	I rescued you.	Spamster
249296	We went to her rescue.	CM
249202	We went to his rescue.	CM
2376119	I know that Tom rescued me.	CK
2544372	I was trying to rescue Tom.	CK
306328	They rescued him from danger.	CK
3023953	Tom attempted to rescue Mary.	CK
2953823	We were unable to rescue Tom.	CK
300790	He did his best to rescue her.	CK
305799	They went to the boy's rescue.	CK
289436	He rescued a boy from drowning.	CK
3096379	Thanks for coming to our rescue.	CK
307176	They came to our rescue at once.	CK
306016	They were rescued by helicopter.	CK
1859488	He did all he could to rescue her.	DavidMansaray
3096375	Thank you for coming to my rescue.	CK
2323381	They died trying to rescue others.	BraveSentry
290866	He rescued the child from the fire.	CK
305544	They rescued the boy from drowning.	CK
307184	They were rescued by a passing ship.	CK