English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Require" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2649004	It was required.	CK	1
2247389	I require advice.	CK	1
2233728	This is required.	CK	1
248606	We require your help.	CK	1
2315149	I do what is required.	CK	1
2404151	I require your advice.	CK	1
2595688	A password is required.	CK	1
1898409	Do whatever's required.	CK	1
305086	They require extra help.	CK	1
2404152	I require your assistance.	CK	1
2315320	I don't require assistance.	CK	1
59521	This plan requires secrecy.	CK	1
2951767	Do you require any further assistance?	CK	1
681910	Tom is required to wear a suit and tie to work.	Source_VOA	1
1192047	This is the kind of work that requires a high level of concentration.	CK	1
1491632	Do you require our help?	fanty
2959465	Do you require a deposit?	sharptoothed
2458789	Plants require CO2 to grow.	Hybrid
49342	The house requires repairs.	CM
2957948	Tom requires constant care.	CK
1620882	Further testing is required.	Spamster
2643542	Tom requires our assistance.	CK
864775	This task requires dexterity.	CM
15803	You're required to help them.	Swift
2954690	You require medical attention.	CK
2267641	Payment is required in advance.	_undertoad
2172035	Quickly buy all required items.	nanioitte
2642608	Tom requires special attention.	CK
2912650	How much time does that require?	CK
2684387	It requires skill and dedication.	Hybrid
38751	Why does that require an apology?	CM
20816	A customs declaration is required.	CK
318803	Do you require a security deposit?	CK
1557621	Further investigation is required.	Spamster
2599467	Precise measurements are required.	CK
27880	A growing child requires more food.	CK
26231	Learning English requires patience.	CK
2315052	Success usually requires hard work.	cruzedu73
48875	The patient requires constant care.	CM
42306	That requires careful consideration.	CM
1934142	Peach trees require lots of sunshine.	Scott
2959049	This matter requires careful thought.	sharptoothed
706785	Your services are no longer required.	darinmex
2460919	Different jobs require different tools.	Hybrid
48562	The plan requires a large sum of money.	CM
20234	The rules require us all to be present.	NekoKanjya
70518	Your prompt reply is urgently required.	CM
266548	Employees are required to wear uniforms.	CK
275240	Is physical education a required course?	CK
2959077	They required us to pass an examination.	sharptoothed