English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Request" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2358799	I have a request.	CK	1
2805889	He requested help.	CK	1
3161826	Tom requested help.	CK	1
2245219	Consider my request.	CK	1
2271832	I don't do requests.	CK	1
2244573	Ignore Tom's request.	CK	1
2546705	I'll do as you request.	CK	1
3161969	Tom has requested help.	CK	1
3161825	Tom requested our help.	CK	1
2300210	I came at Tom's request.	CK	1
2358798	I have a request to make.	CK	1
3312839	We get a lot of requests.	CK	1
2544752	I'm here at Tom's request.	CK	1
2876095	That's what Tom requested.	CK	1
1029357	Tom denied Mary's request.	CK	1
314294	She turned down my request.	CK	1
3290042	Tom has requested our help.	CK	1
2463300	Excuse me, I have a request.	CK	1
2360448	I have to deny that request.	CK	1
2642962	Tom considered Mary's request.	CK	1
681902	I would like to make a request.	Source_VOA	1
2014345	I'd like to request a transfer.	CK	1
1951960	You can't ignore Tom's request.	CK	1
681904	Tom's loan request was turned down.	Source_VOA	1
3066873	Tom was surprised by Mary's request.	CK	1
2360389	I have the information you requested.	CK	1
887481	She urged him to consider the request.	CK	1
681906	I requested extra salt on my French fries.	Source_VOA	1
1961571	I thought we should discuss Tom's request.	CK	1
2359101	I've been giving your request some thought.	CK	1
324911	As requested, we are submitting our final report.	CM	1
54300	We are sorry we are unable to accept your request.	CK	1
1094759	Tom didn't have the heart to refuse Mary's request.	CK	1
2300061	I called a guy I know in the FBI and requested help.	CK	1
2042691	Tom doesn't want to play any of the songs Mary requested.	CK	1
284553	When I asked him to lend me some money, he turned down my request.	CK	1
1108062	Tom is the type of person who always demands that something be done rather than request that it be done.	CK	1
1514282	It wasn't a request.	wrarshad91
2315129	I do have one request.	CK
260541	I did so at his request.	CM
3168247	I have one more request.	CK
324910	The request was granted.	CM
2645365	Tom ignored the request.	CK
307376	They granted his request.	CM
2644914	Tom has requested asylum.	CK
2162663	His request is as follows.	FeuDRenais
3166109	Tom made one more request.	CK
269123	Did you request a new desk?	CK
2952172	I have to deny your request.	CK
1848923	He refused my friend request.	Spamster