English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Repeat" in Example Sentences
Page 1

250840	Repeat after me.	CK	1
2648983	Repeat it to me.	CK	1
1845510	Don't repeat that.	CK	1
2404150	I repeated my name.	CK	1
327331	Could you repeat that?	CK	1
326126	History repeats itself.	CK	1
2546746	I wouldn't repeat that.	CK	1
250839	Please repeat after me.	CK	1
2251340	That's worth repeating.	CK	1
298954	He repeated his question.	CK	1
2644340	Tom repeated his question.	CK	1
2955004	You're repeating yourself.	CK	1
241753	Can you repeat what you said?	CK	1
1954792	I can't repeat what Tom said.	CK	1
2871528	I don't like repeating myself.	Hybrid	1
2540890	I'm sorry, could you repeat that?	CK	1
1094396	Tom doesn't like to repeat himself.	CK	1
2958747	Tom won't likely repeat that mistake.	CK	1
3142912	Do you want me to repeat the question?	CK	1
395693	I repeated what he said word for word.	Eldad	1
2795113	Can you please repeat what you just said?	CK	1
433596	Could you please repeat what you just said?	CK	1
51467	I beg your pardon, but would you repeat what you said?	CK	1
3226983	Tom was fed up with having to repeat himself all the time.	patgfisher	1
2940967	Don't repeat that.	LanguageExpert
2553620	Can you repeat that?	Nero
1806441	I have to repeat it.	MrShoval
291478	He repeated it again.	CK
805427	Lincoln repeated the words.	Source_VOA
3329632	Can you repeat that, please?	CK
1239143	Could you repeat that again?	CK
298854	He repeated his name slowly.	CK
2242	Could you please repeat that?	CK
302042	He repeated the same mistake.	CK
314744	She repeated her name slowly.	CK
31476	Could you repeat that, please?	CK
1239140	Could you repeat the question?	CK
250838	Repeat each sentence after me.	CM
2956853	Tom had to repeat first grade.	CK
1663462	Tom is repeating what he said.	Amastan
2542133	Would you mind repeating that?	CK
260668	I repeated his exact statement.	CM
2959455	Don't repeat what I've told you.	sharptoothed
1523577	I can repeat it again and again.	CM
3000805	Stop repeating everything I say.	Hybrid
2795115	Please repeat what you just said.	CK
246754	Repeat what I have just told you.	CK
1740992	You always repeat the same thing.	kerbear407
31481	Could you please repeat it slowly?	CK
1848781	Can you please repeat the question?	Spamster