English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Repair" in Example Sentences
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250134	Let me repair it.	CK	1
3327471	Can you repair it?	CK	1
2648159	Can it be repaired?	CK	1
2766899	I'll repair it now.	CK	1
987482	Please repair this.	CK	1
36526	Can you get it repaired?	CK	1
258132	I had my watch repaired.	CK	1
1456154	I had the door repaired.	CK	1
42330	It needs to be repaired.	CK	1
251055	My car is being repaired.	CK	1
1660937	Tom is repairing his car.	Amastan	1
258210	I got my bicycle repaired.	CK	1
1300111	I had him repair my watch.	CK	1
2953709	We must repair the damage.	CK	1
260420	I got him to repair my car.	CK	1
305093	I'll have them repair my car.	CK	1
1286503	My car is now being repaired.	CK	1
2858991	I don't know how to repair it.	rsankarpillai	1
306814	They have to repair their car.	CK	1
937388	I need to get my oboe repaired.	Fingerhut	1
49360	The house is in need of repair.	CK	1
259214	I got my son to repair the door.	CK	1
2046838	I've been busy repairing things.	CK	1
251049	My bicycle is in need of repair.	CK	1
2046839	They're busy repairing that now.	CK	1
298575	He repaired his watch by himself.	CK	1
1312859	Ted is good at repairing watches.	CK	1
681893	The computer repair took all day.	Source_VOA	1
681898	Tom knows how to repair computers.	Source_VOA	1
59987	This broken vase can't be repaired.	Eldad	1
2693984	I managed to repair my car by myself.	WestofEden	1
63550	I'll have to have my camera repaired.	CK	1
67931	I had my camera repaired at that shop.	CK	1
1397632	It'll cost about 2,000 yen to repair it.	CK	1
1092660	Tom took his computer in to be repaired.	CK	1
388280	It cost a lot of money to repair the car.	CK	1
265610	It cost me a fortune to get my car repaired.	CM	1
258126	I am going to have my watch repaired by John.	CK	1
1040429	My TV broke, so I had to take it to get it repaired.	CK	1
27241	The best thing to do is to ask an expert to repair it.	Dejo	1
265609	It cost me three hundred dollars to have my car repaired.	CK	1
2736986	You learn more from trying to repair a TV than from watching one.	CK	1
2891489	It can be repaired.	CK
2769654	He repaired the nets.	CK
58751	Please repair the car.	CK
292794	He repairs his own car.	CK
1058032	Can you repair my shoes?	Mofli
392344	I'm repairing the house.	YeshuaC
44669	The road is under repair.	CK
2265735	Did they repair the watch?	_undertoad