English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Remove" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2254880	Who removed it?	CK	1
3327472	Can you remove it?	CK	1
3178601	It must be removed.	CK	1
2249848	Remove that jacket.	CK	1
3178602	It has to be removed.	CK	1
2646889	Tom removed his coat.	CK	1
3178603	It needs to be removed.	CK	1
2645789	Tom removed his gloves.	CK	1
2953623	We had to remove your spleen.	CK	1
2916643	I had to get my tattoo removed.	Hybrid	1
2609419	Tom had his wisdom teeth removed.	WestofEden	1
1093073	Tom removed the lid from the box.	CK	1
2047703	Tom carefully removed the bandage.	CK	1
2401185	Tom removed the key from the door.	CK	1
1093072	Tom removed the lid from the medicine bottle.	CK	1
953328	How do you remove red wine stains from your carpet?	CK	1
2047750	Tom carefully removed the letter from the envelope.	CK	1
1922279	Tom removed the hacksaw from his toolbox and asked Mary if she wanted it.	CK	1
321121	Remove your hat.	Zifre
1578305	Remove the bandage.	corvard
1912021	He removed his shirt.	Spamster
2658347	Tom removed his socks.	WestofEden
373363	First, remove the burrs.	CM
2959221	Please remove your hats.	sharptoothed
3023384	Tom removed his glasses.	CK
2645308	Tom removed his goggles.	CK
2957941	Tom removed his disguise.	CK
2276840	He removed his sunglasses.	Hybrid
805323	Doctors removed the bullet.	Source_VOA
272214	Soap helps remove the dirt.	CM
1803351	The video has been removed.	Guybrush88
2643923	Tom removed his sunglasses.	CK
2133029	He removed him from the list.	AlanF_US
2956905	Tom has had one lung removed.	CK
681891	We removed the old furniture.	Source_VOA
2959199	Remove the lamp from the table.	sharptoothed
53076	Remove your shirt and lie down.	CK
2267357	It can't be removed. It's fixed.	_undertoad
1702454	This packaging is hard to remove.	Spamster
2957949	Tom respectfully removed his hat.	CK
320571	Mother removed mud from his shoes.	CM
265010	Remove your hat when you go inside.	CK
1883078	The surgeon removed the wrong organ.	Spamster
313113	She removed the papers from the desk.	CK
2957943	Tom removed his gun from his holster.	CK
3045855	Do you have anything to remove stains?	sharptoothed
18115	Please remove the mud from your shoes.	Zifre
315105	She removed the dishes from the table.	CK
274475	I have had a corn removed from my foot.	CM
51891	Please remove the ashes from the stove.	CK