English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Remind" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1849383	Don't remind me.	CK	1
2271893	I don't need reminding.	CK	1
1030169	Tom reminds me of John.	CK	1
54966	This reminds me of home.	CK	1
237682	You remind me of my mother.	CK	1
1024275	Tom reminds me of his father.	CK	1
887353	She reminds him of his mother.	CK	1
2954139	What does this reminds you of?	CK	1
2395977	Doesn't Tom remind you of John?	CK	1
2064851	Let me remind you of something.	CK	1
307809	He reminds me of my grandfather.	CK	1
2387290	I must remind Tom to pay his rent.	CK	1
887352	She reminded him to go to the bank.	CK	1
59318	This park reminds me of my childhood.	CM	1
2210585	Why don't you call Tom and remind him?	CK	1
2026387	I just don't want to be reminded of it.	CK	1
37117	Tom reminds me of a boy I used to know.	CK	1
500477	This picture reminds me of my childhood.	darinmex	1
1108807	This picture reminds me of when I was a student.	CK	1
1028136	Tom reminded Mary to go to the bank before 5:00.	CK	1
1027363	Maybe you need to be reminded how dangerous Tom is.	CK	1
3256696	Our teacher reminded us not to forget our homework.	CK	1
1030027	There were so many things that reminded Tom of Mary.	CK	1
71443	What you have just said reminds me of an old saying.	CK	1
1024274	Tom reminds me of someone I used to know in high school.	CK	1
2210584	Why don't you call Tom and remind him about the party on Friday?	CK	1
2425532	I had forgotten all about today's meeting. I'm glad you reminded me.	CK	1
1214923	Remind me later.	eadbannon
3239841	You remind me of Tom.	Hybrid
1199451	It reminded me of you.	Guybrush88
2645462	Thanks for reminding me.	CK
3356349	You remind me of myself.	CK
1060106	You remind me of someone.	Mofli
1931160	He reminds me of somebody.	Shadd
1931162	She reminds me of someone.	Shadd
2957938	Tom reminded Mary of John.	CK
3358341	You remind me of somebody.	CK
2954190	Who does Tom remind you of?	CK
309829	Her eyes remind me of a cat.	CK
2959247	Mary reminds me of my mother.	sharptoothed
50468	That reminds me of my father.	CK
3024015	That reminds me of something.	CK
68802	You remind me of your father.	CK
68801	You remind me of your mother.	CK
1802237	If I forget, please remind me.	pne
1314154	It reminds me of my childhood.	Guybrush88
274016	Remind him to come home early.	CK
3152277	Remind me to give this to Tom.	CK
68799	You remind me of your brother.	CK
272608	Snow reminds me of my hometown.	CK